Innovative Practices

Innovative Practices develop key capacities for leadership effectiveness…
We believe that effective leadership requires both the backbone and the heart to:

  • Continue to grow through self-awareness and reflection
  • Be authentic in communicating with others
  • Be compassionate as well to encourage excellent performance
  • Develop working partnerships across a variety of boundaries
  • Create meaningful connections by really attending to others and being fully present
  • Be open to new and creative ideas from different sources

We incorporate art, music and skilled facilitation of dance/movement activities when we assess, in partnership with our clients, that they would help develop these leadership capabilities.

How do art and movement help leaders develop capacity and shape possibility?

  • Through art and movement, we can learn to be fully present without distraction.
  • Through art, movement and music, we express something unique about ourselves.
  • Dance, music, and art provide nourishment and laughter, and bring beauty into the world, affirming our connection as humans.
  • Dance, music and art open windows into diverse perspectives and are showcases for innovative ideas.
  • Right brain modalities such as art and movement help individuals and groups to change important behavioral patterns and fine-tune their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • wrapRight brain modalitites teach us to lead as well as to follow.
  • Art, movement and music encourage discovery and exploration through which possibilities take shape.

Read this example of how we use Authentic Movement in our coaching and consulting process.