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Using Authentic Movement to Help Leaders and Consultants Enhance their Impact

Situation A group of colleagues expressed a desire for assistance in developing a stronger presence when consulting to their clients. As one phrased it, “I’d like to be present with undistracted attention.” Another said she would like to be “present without noise.” Approach In a seven-session series called “Presence and Attention at Work”, we used […]

Coaching and Authentic Movement with a small business owner

Situation “Irene” originally asked for our help with some planning for her new business. She wanted help selecting which markets to pursue. She had many great ideas, a tremendous amount of experience and she had already done good research and analysis on the markets of interest to her. We agreed to coach Irene for a […]

Through the Leadership Exchange and Coaching Project 300 Executive Directors develop a support network and learn to be better leaders

Situation Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) address the difficult needs of children and families impacted by child abuse. Their Executive Directors may be physicians, social workers, lawyers and/or non-profit administrators. Some CACs are separate non-profit organizations; some are located within large social service agencies, hospitals, universities or District Attorney offices. CAC Executives often serve as liaisons […]