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“(LEC) has been very valuable and I don’t want it to end. We’re not just asked to present our issues, but how do we feel about it … to acknowledge our feelings, not just bury them, and how to get from point A to point B.”
LEC participant; Executive Director of Child Advocacy Center
“In working one on one, the presence-as-witness gave the space for deep inner access. Likewise, Martha’s articulation of what she observed lent depth to the integration of my experience.”
PhD Practitioner, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
“Martha held firm that we needed to do the work – she wasn’t going to do it for us. She helped build our skills to communicate, check our assumptions and come to agreement.”
Co-director of a management team
“Martha’s strength as a coach is an exceptional combination of process skills and keen powers of observation. Our work together was a high point in my professional life.”
Global Director of Project based Learning, large Management Consulting firm
“I love the coaching. She’s insightful, asks the right questions, so at the end of each call, I feel good and can evaluate a new direction.”
Executive Director of Child Advocacy Center; LEC participant
“Martha helped our cross-departmental team pursue an organizational focus on strengths. She worked collaboratively with us to clarify our goals and build our capacity. Her combination of a structured process and flexibility around the content was extremely supportive, and we accomplished more than I originally expected because she inspired us to meet as a group in between our meetings with her. We feel lucky to have had the chance to work with Martha.”
Deputy Director of a national literacy nonprofit organization
“There is an intensity and a softness to her style that make her extremely effective. Time is put on hold for the work that you will do together. She pushes the thought process, encourages you to explore the barriers to your achievements and explore your emotions. All of a sudden, the answers are exposed before you!”
Physician and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, a New York children’s hospital
“I have had the pleasure of working with Martha Lask through a variety of Leadership Development and coaching efforts she facilitated for management and senior staff at Montgomery Early Learning Centers. In both the one-on-one and group forums, Martha is an excellent communicator, better listener, and has a remarkable ability to engage you in a way that you feel immediately at ease, close and able to express your most innovative and far reaching thoughts and goals. She pulls out your leadership abilities and style, and in a way that at times seems effortless and completely comfortable. She is, as well, an intelligent and fun individual to engage with and I recommend her most highly for her skills, integrity and accomplishments.”
COO of a regional child care organization