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Authentic Movement as an Innovative Practice

We use Authentic Movement in our coaching and consulting practice because it provides a safe place and a simple structure to explore dilemmas, different perspectives or possibilities. (See Services: Authentic Movement).

Authentic Movement is a structured form of movement that involves two roles:

MOVER: The mover simply notices and follows whatever impulses arise in his or her body to move or be still.

WITNESS: At the same time, the witness, sitting on the periphery of the space, watches the mover with careful and compassionate attention.

For the person moving, Authentic Movement provides a way to use our whole selves- body, mind and spirit-to explore the situation at hand.

For the person watching, Authentic Movement provides a way to practice suspending judgment, exercising compassion and using different perspectives to make sense of what we see.

We teach Authentic Movement to individuals and groups with a distinct OD and coaching flavor. We are facilitators, not therapists; we incorporate other organization development methods as appropriate: aspects of Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U, and Polarity Management.

The Witness Stance: Developing Leaders and Coaches

The “Witness Stance” develops leadership capacity…

Learning from the practice of Authentic Movement, the “Witness Stance” develops leadership capacity providing a way to practice:

  • Exercising compassion
  • Suspending judgment
  • Making careful choices
  • Being fully present
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Enacting careful partnership

The “Witness Stance” develops coaching capacity…

Coaching/witnessing, with an awareness of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – expands our view of the person.

Coaching from a witness stance strengthens our capability to support change in others, and helps us to maintain a highly attuned self awareness. If people are supported through a change process by a caring witness they increase the chances of sustaining that effort; being seen and heard by another with compassion, without judgment, and with keen attention is highly validating. And the gift goes both ways. To suspend judgment of another as right or wrong allows us to recognize and appreciate the complexity of human reaction. That is the gift of the “Witness Stance.”

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