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Our Clients Want To...
Become compassionate leaders
Our Clients Want To...
Explore and discover new possibilities
Our Clients Want To...
Clarify and reframe issues, in order to understand their challenges in a new way

At MLC we believe that effective, thoughtful communication leads to successful organizations and helps to achieve important missions. We carefully structure and customize our services to fit our clients’ unique situations. Our Outcomes tell the story…

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2017 Holiday Card

In 2017, I am holding the hope, with a trembling heart, that we humans will live into our potential as wondrous and generous ambassadors for all people. May we come to it.

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2016 Holiday Card

In 2016, I am holding the possibility of repairing a hurt world. I wish for you a year of exquisite listening, compassionate understanding and surprising benefits!

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2015 Holiday Card

In 2015, I hold the possibility of peace. I wish for you a year of acts of peace, a bridging of gaps, however small or large, and many experiences of speaking with and hearing glorious tongues!

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