Martha Lask Consulting LLC

Where Possibilities Take Shape


Authentic Movement for Individuals and Groups

We utilize innovative approaches, including dance/movement and visual art, to help individuals and groups gain insight. One approach is called Authentic Movement. It is a structured form of movement that involves two roles:


The mover simply notices and follows whatever impulses arise in his or her body to move or be still.


At the same time, the witness, sitting on the periphery of the space, watches the mover with careful, compassionate and precise attention.

Authentic Movement is a safe and simple way to explore possibilities and learn about how we experience issues/dilemmas. As facilitator and coach, we customize sessions for individuals and groups, incorporating organization development theories, such as Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U, and Polarity Management.

Consultant as Witness Series

A series called “Presence and Attention at Work” uses a variety of movement modalities and the role of “witness” to practice an approach to listening and paying attention. The goal: to enhance our impact as a leader, coach, consultant, social worker, nurse, therapist. Participants will:

  • Learn to be present and undistracted in the moment.
  • Learn to center themselves in situations with difficult clients or employees.
  • Recognize how the witness stance increases opportunities to build trust and connect with clients and employees at a deeper level
  • Become more aware of their own judgments and projections.
  • Refine their ability to communicate with compassion and clarity.
  • Expand their capacity to tune into the diverse needs of their clients and employees.