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Enhancing Management Team Effectiveness

We work with management teams that want to:

  • Be better aligned;
  • Improve their internal communication;
  • Set a vision and supporting structures for their work as a team.

We follow a clear set of steps:

  • Interview team members to determine the issues from all perspectives.
  • Agree on goals for our work.
  • Establish a clear timetable to work through each of the goals, stopping to examine the impact of different communication and work styles.
  • Work in short segments over time to allow integration, incorporation and adjustment of tools into daily work routines.

We provide tools to:

  • Help participants understand their own and others’ strengths;
  • Analyze assumptions people make about others’ responses;
  • Help participants communicate effectively with one another.

We consistently check back with the established goals and adjust them as necessary.

An example of our Management Team Effectiveness: Facilitating Communication and Creating Agreements to help a Management Team Become More Effective

And here’s a testimonial from the CEO of a regional childcare organization:

“Martha Lask and colleague Dorel Shanon facilitated a series of workshops and a full-day summit to introduce leadership concepts and to enhance skills for key organizational staff.”

“Their work with management staff was exceptional: leading conversations and facilitating skill practice in important areas of leadership development and adapting the process and content as needed. Most importantly, they clearly connected with each participant, gaining respect and ‘buy-in’ for the process and desired outcomes. The impact of their work continues to guide our leadership development and continuity efforts, and has been incorporated into agency strategic planning.”