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Individual Leadership Coaching

Our coaching is designed for managers facing routine challenges as well as larger organizational ones. The approach is based on a partnership of mutual trust, and looks to expand individual and systemic strengths.

We address a client’s identified areas of challenge within the context of his/her style, motivation to change, the culture of the system and the work to be done.

The job of a coach is to provide both a compassionate environment and a challenging structure where clients can accomplish their goals. We work on three levels – self awareness, behavioral change and systemic support.

Self Awareness

  • Examine emotional responses in a given situation, the assumptions underlying a decision or action, and the application of theoretical models.
  • Foster understanding of thought and behavior patterns and intrapersonal dynamics

Behavioral Change

  • Match the intention behind the action with its impact on others.
  • Discuss different behavior styles to assist in developing a strategic view of behavioral change.
  • Work with current situations to illustrate dynamics, apply theory and formulate strategy.

Systemic Support

  • Look at the impact of organization culture.
  • Focus on the individual’s behavior and role in the system.
  • Analyze organization culture and strategy according to theoretical models.